Camerino (MC) Marche

The former capital of the Duchy of Da Varano, Camerino is a historical town of great cultural tradition, with a university founded in Medieval times. The town is situated on a hill, between the valleys of the Chienta and Potenza rivers, and nestled between the Sibillini and San Vicino Mountains: its location gives it the privilege of a captivating hilly landscape, marked by farmed fields and woods. The old town is home to a number of prestigious buildings, such as the Ducal Palace with its Sala degli Sposi adorned with frescoes from the 15th century, the Archbishop’s Palace, home to the Diocesan Museum, the Cathedral, the museums of San Domenico with its rich art gallery, and the Basilica of San Venanzio. The area is home to a number of castles and fortresses that were once part of the Duchy of Da Varano. Camerino unfortunately incurred serious damage in the 2016 earthquake. For up-to-date information on access to the town and its sites, please contact the tourism helpline at the following email address: numeroverde.turismo@regione.marche.it.


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