Camogli (GE) Liguria

Everything about the tiny village of Camogli is cloaked in the intertwined influences of history and the sea. The heart of the village is the harbor, where tourist ferries and fishing boats come and go, ensuring a constant stream of arrivals, departures and reunions on the seafront. The village itself is a pastel-colored gem, with the facades of the houses providing a pleasant backdrop to any walk along the promenade. Down on the beach, visitors can collect the characteristic pebbles used to create the distinctive black-and-white risseu mosaics that adorn the churchyards, a feature that heightens the feeling that everything in Camogli is intrinsically linked to the sea. Overlooking the coast is the ancient Castello della Dragonara, built high on the rocks to defend the village from Saracen invasions. Yet if there’s one event that sums up the magic of the sea, it’s the Festa della Stella Maris, when thousands of tiny candles are lit and floated on the waves, as a tribute to the Madonna. It’s a moving, beautiful spectacle – not to be missed.


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