Campo Ligure

Campo Ligure (GE) Liguria

Campo Ligure is a small rural town overlooked by an ancient castle. Situated in the heart of the pasture-rich Valle Stura, the town is well known for its production of milk and cheeses which combine a unique flavor with the highest quality. The soul of this town, however, is one of artisanal origins. In 1884, the master Antonio Olivieri opened a filigree workshop here, sparking a trend that soon saw the number of establishments jump up to 33! The origins of this traditional craft can now be discovered in the Pietro Carlo Bosio Museum of Filigree, which features around 200 pieces from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. As you admire the collection, you’ll notice the difference between the various styles of craftsmanship in different continents and cultures. It is a journey within the journey, a never-ending adventure.


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