Campo nell'Elba

Campo nell'Elba (LI) Toscana

Campo nell’Elba is a sparse municipality, with the inhabitants clustered in tiny neighborhoods and miniscule islands, all drawn together by one fundamental element: the sea. Situated in the southern-most part of Elba, this flat municipality stretches from the Golfo di Lacona all the way to Pomonte. At Campo nell’Elba’s heart is Marina di Campo, once a simple fishing village where everything revolved around the sea, the catch and the fear of impending storms. Nowadays, one can still detect the importance of the sea to life here – it’s in the furniture in the houses and in the flavor of the freshly caught fish. Another reminder of the tight bond between the region and the sea is the ancient cylindrical tower, from which the inhabitants would have once surveyed the water for approaching raiders, while the several lighthouses are still used for navigation purposes.


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