Campodimele (LT) Lazio

Campodimele sits atop a hill and affords panoramic views of a landscape with a dual beauty: on one side, towards Mount Faggeto, you can see right down to the Gulf of Gaeta, whilst on the other you can see right up to Mount Ruazzo. You can still walk along the town’s ancient walls, the walkway through which bears the evocative name of “lovers’ walkway”. A Medieval town, Campodimele is known as the town “of longevity”: indeed, a number of population studies have been carried out here in an attempt to understand the secret to a long life. Perhaps one of these is the local diet: here produce comes straight from nature and is of the highest quality, like the famous cicerchia DOP, a legume from the Middle-East which grows in nutrient-poor soil and is one of the flavors that most characterizes the town.


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