Cannero Riviera

Cannero Riviera (VB) Piemonte

Looking out over Lake Maggiore, with its colorful houses and small boats anchored along its shores, we have Cannero Riviera, a charming village surrounded by the green landscapes of the mountains. The best time to visit the village is perhaps in the spring, when camellias, azaleas, and mimosas color the view. However, every season is actually a perfect time to go and have your breath taken away by its beauty. The picturesque ruins of its ancient fortress are particularly wonderful. They are located on two small, rocky islands that can only be reached by boat, and from the edge of the lake, they look as if they are emerging from the river, creating a perplexing, yet marvelous effect. In the center of town, the Piazzetta degli Affreschi ("Frescoes Square") is a unique place where events from the local area’s history are depicted across colorful murals.


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