Cannobio (VB) Piemonte

Cannobio is a delightful and pretty little town, whose reflection can be seen across the pristine blue waters of Lake Maggiore, on the border with Switzerland. The origins of the village are ancient, and it used to be a major strategic and commercial hub, including, in particular, being a base for a lacustrine fleet. When visiting the village, not to be missed are Santissima Pietà Sanctuary, the collegiate church of San Vittore, the Palazzo della Ragione building and Torre Comunale (Town Hall Tower). However, the best way to get a real feel for the place is perhaps by trying its typical local delicacies, perhaps in one of the venues by the lake, when their lights reflect off the water to create playful reflections. Among the typical dishes "to try," the Pan Dolce di Cannobio is a must. It's a rectangular cake of golden color that's made with hazelnuts and almonds. Sprinkled with icing sugar, it's absolutely luscious.


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