Cantiano (PU) Marche

A former fief of the Montefeltros, the town of Cantiano is a pearl of panoramic beauties and unique traditional flavors. A mountain town located on the border between Marche and Umbria, its territory is home to the Natural Park of the Tecchie Forest, and the town sits in near isolation, perched on the side of a small hill, as if paused in admiration of the skies and woods around it. But Cantiano is also a place of flavors and traditional cuisine: it is famous, for example, for its Chiaserna bread, which is made particularly tasty by the use of spring water in its production and the ancient recipe that is still followed to this day. Also traditional to this area are Visciole di Cantiano (wild cherries of Cantiano). Cantiano is famous for “La Turba”, the historical re-enactment of the Passion of the Christ which takes place every year on the eve of Good Friday. Also worth visiting is the Regional Catria Horse Show, which takes place every year in October and includes tastings, horse shows and games on horseback.


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