Caorle (VE) Veneto

Caorle is a beautiful seaside town, or better still a fishing town. In fact, as well as beautiful beaches, at the heart of the town is the fishing harbour, set amid the old historic centre that has been transformed into a pedestrian zone, with little houses painted in pastel colors and alleys that recall ancient echoes of Venice. Everything here is about the sea. The church of the Madonna dell’Angelo, for example, overlooks the breakwater and recalls the seafaring heart of the local inhabitants, who have always supported themselves by fishing. Or the cathedral, next to a circular bell tower that has acted as a lookout for the town over the centuries, surveying the sea and its potential dangers. And also Porto Santa Margherita, Duna Verde, and the lagoon of Caorle, an area of great naturalistic value characterized by the “casoni”, constructions used by fishermen in the past as their homes during the fishing season.


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