Capracotta (IS) Molise

Sitting at an altitude of over 1400 meters, Capracotta is the highest municipality in the Apennines. Its most imposing peak, Monte Campo, rises 1700 meters above sea level. Aside from its reputation as one of Italy’s favorite ski resorts, Capracotta is also famous for the “Pezzata” festival that takes place on the first Sunday in August in the Prato Gentile area: this event is based around a typical dish, boiled goat, a tradition that dates back to the ancient practice of transhumance across the region. Other must-sees are the Garden of the Apennine Flora, one of the few examples of a “natural botanical garden” in Italy, and, in the town’s historical center, the Palazzo Baronale (Baronial Palace) and the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo, a fine example of typical mountain architecture.


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