Carloforte (SU) Sardegna

There is only one town on the island of San Pietro: Carloforte. A unique place, abounding in history and legend, Carloforte was founded in 1738 when King Charles Emmanuel III gave the town to a group of Ligurian families who had settled in Tunisia. In fact, Carloforte is a Genoese enclave that still preserves the language and customs of Liguria. A legend connected to the main church and to the sea tells of a church (Chiesa dei Novelli Innocenti) that was built in memory of the children who took part in the so-called “Children’s Crusade” of 1212 and who tragically perished in a shipwreck just off the island. Its traditions are also linked to the sea, as evidenced in the devotion to Saint Peter, patron saint of fishermen and of the island. Every year highly spiritual and ritual festivals are held in his honor and blessings are asked for those whose livelihoods come from the sea.


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