Carpignano Salentino

Carpignano Salentino (LE) Puglia

CarpignaSalentino is a village at the heart of Grecìa Salentina and shows its Hellenic heritage in the Griko dialect as well as in its unique architecture. The most interesting and evocative is the Crypt of St. Cristina, part of a system of caves that used to be home to the local people during the rupestrian culture. The crypt is one of the most ancient worship places in Apulia and a precious testimony of the Greek ritual. The crypt is carved in the stone and has a beautiful, small Baroque façade. It hosts the most ancient frescoes, whose authors and date of creation are known to us. The historic centre is surrounded by the remains of the medieval beautiful Chapel dell’Immacolata, the Clock Tower and the Main Church dell’Assunta, with its façade in Lecce stone and the baroque interior.


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