Casale Marittimo

Casale Marittimo (PI) Toscana

Set in a land of ancient origins just a few kilometers from the sea, Casale Marittimo was first inhabited by the Etruscans, as attested to by the many archaeological discoveries found in the area. Life here, however, was not always easy, due to the dirty swampland air and constant raids by pirates, but the situation changed radically in the 19th century when the coastal marshes were cleaned up. Nowadays, the quality of life in the village is excellent, with the sea and the pine groves contributing to a feeling of absolute tranquility. Visitors will be welcomed by natural and architectural beauty, such as the Torre dell’Orologio and the Casa del Camarlingo, one of the oldest buildings in the village. The perfect end to any visit is a trip to one of the village’s eateries, where travelers can enjoy a nice glass of local white wine and perhaps a few typical cantuccini biscuits.


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