Casciana Terme Lari

Casciana Terme Lari (PI) Toscana

Situated in the municipality formed following the recent merger of Casciana Terme and Lari, the village is the perfect destination for anyone looking to combine relaxation with culture. The ideal way to start your tour is to lose yourself in a moment of pure wellbeing at the Casciana spas, where you can enjoy the health properties of the Mathelda waters. The spas were built on the wishes of Federico da Montefeltro in 1311, while a neo-classical façade added in 1870 completes the beauty of the complex. Once you’re done with relaxation, it’s time to discover the culture of Lari, where you must visit the ancient Castello dei Vicari, a majestic Medici-era fortress with an infamous past: it is said that witches were tried and prisoners tortured within its walls. Before you depart, you simply have to try some of the local delicacies, which range from artisan pasta to cured meats and, around May, cherries, which grow abundantly in the area.


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