Castel del Giudice

Castel del Giudice (IS) Molise

The village of Castel del Giudice is situated at an altitude of 800 meters in a lush and scenic area planted with apple trees bordering the region of Abruzzo. After focusing on agriculture and farming, particularly organic farming, the village joined the Città del Bio association, a network project jointly participated in by the municipal administration and the local people and that, over time, has successfully promoted one of the region’s most distinctive identities: agriculture and products of the highest quality. And then, nestled in the most charming and greenest of landscapes, is the village itself: with its ancient stone houses, small and cozy churches, and most of all the genuine hospitality of its inhabitants, Castel del Giudice offers the kind of welcome to visitors that truly warms the cockles of the heart.


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