Castel Gandolfo

Castel Gandolfo (RM) Lazio

Nestled in the lush area of Castelli Romani is Castel Gandolfo, which lies on the banks of Lake Albano. Over the centuries there have been many legends involving this town, but at the center of everything is the fact that it has been home to the summer residence of the Pope since the beginning of the 7th century. Between the treasures of Palazzo Apostolico and the wonders of the gardens open to the public, a trip to Castel Gandolfo will take your breath away. You may be interested to know that the town used to be home to the headquarters of the important Vatican Observatory, the Specola Vaticana, which was based in Rome but moved here in the 1920s to overcome the problem of light pollution. When the same issue arose here in the 1970s, the observatory was moved to Tucson, in Arizona.


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