Castelbuono (PA) Sicilia

Castelbuono is a little, medieval town on Parco delle Madonie. The center is tasteful and well preserved, welcoming visitors to its pleasant, slow, relaxed atmosphere. It's almost as though time has stopped in the town, particularly during reenactments and historical parades. Ventimiglia Castle is a symbol of the past. Today it's home to the Civic Museum, which exhibits on archaeology, urban design, holy art, modern and contemporary arts while also serving as a center for events and exhibitions. Don't miss the Francesco Minà Palumbo Natural History Museum, with botanic, reptile and insect collections sourced from the Madonie Mountains. The town's most unique feature is its famous manna, produced by local Franciscan monks: the sap is used as a sweetener, cleanser and ingredient in medicines and cosmetics.


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