Castellabate (SA) Campania

The history of Castellabate is intertwined with the sea and the myth of the sirens. Indeed, legend has it that the name of one of its districts, Licosa, derives from Leucosia, one of the sirens whom Ulysses met on his journey and who is buried here. Castellabate is a balcony over the sea, seeming to rest on the hillside as it observes the horizon. The historic center, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a network of medieval alleys, unexpected openings, steps, and stone houses. Everything seems to lead upwards, towards the symbol of the village’s past: its castle, situated at the top of a gentle rise. The first stone of this fortress was laid by Abbot Costabile on 10 October 1123. Visitors should also make sure they don’t miss the unusual arched construction in the little harbor of Santa Maria, known as the “porto delle gatte” (harbor of she-cats).


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