Castelleone di Suasa

Castelleone di Suasa (AN) Marche

Surrounded by a flat landscape with rolling hills, Castellone di Suasa is a town that has kept its Roman origins, preserved in an archaeological park of great historical and cultural value. Indeed, downhill from the Medieval castle, in the Pian Volpello area, are the ruins of the Roman town hall of Suasa, with the ancient basalt road, the trade forum, two burial areas, the amphitheater, and above all, the Domus dei Coiedii, a rich aristocratic residence which is the most captivating attraction of the entire archaeological park. Together with the park, the archaeological museum helps guide visitors through the town’s ancient history: situated in the Renaissance Palazzo Della Rovere, it houses the timeless treasure of statues, inscriptions and items found during excavations.


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