Castelli (TE) Abruzzo

The town of Castelli lies hidden in green countryside and is one of the points of entry to Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park. Dating back to medieval times, the town has an industry that has distinguished it for centuries and which, since the sixteenth century, has made it internationally famous: ceramics. Castelli is the "ceramics capital," and its products are world-renowned for their beauty and exquisite decoration. The tradition is still very much alive, and two places in the town tell the story best: the Museo della Ceramica (Ceramics Museum) and the Church of San Donato. The church is unique, having been described by the writer Carlo Levi as the "Sistine Chapel of Majolica" due to its ceiling, which is made entirely of tiles decorated with majolica. Originally there would have been 1,000 pieces, but today approximately 800 remain. It's truly an amazing sight! Following the earthquake of 2016, for real-time information on visiting the town and its sights, please contact the tourist office: Ufficio Informazioni ed Accoglienza Turistica – IAT Teramo – Tel: +39 (0) 861/244222. Email: presidio.teramo@abruzzoturismo.it annamaria.manzo@regione.abruzzo.it


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