Castelmezzano (PZ) Basilicata

Perhaps the best time to visit Castelmezzano is in the evening when the town turns its lights on, turning it, in the midst of this magnificent natural setting, into a miniature and perfect nativity scene. The town is part of the Lucanian Dolomites Park, and is surrounded by wild rocks and lush green forests. The trees themselves are the protagonists of the arboreal May Festival, also known as the Marriage of the Trees, when a turkey oak tree trunk is carried by oxen to the town, where it is raised up and made to “marry” a holly bush carried on the shoulders of young men. Finally, for the more courageous there’s the Angel Flight, a “journey” made, hanging from a robust steel cable and strapped into a harness, from Castelmezzano to Pietrapertosa (or vice versa). During the “flight”, you are treated to a view of the Dolomites in all their glory.


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