Castelmola (ME) Sicilia

Arriving at Castelmola, the first thing that captures one's imagination is the view of the village. From this wonderful natural terrace you can see the iconic coast, Etna, the Giardini-Naxos Gulf, St. Alessio Cape, the strait of Messina and the Calabrian coast, a breathtaking site. The beauty of the town tells the story and reflects the art of the area: the normal walls, the ruins of the ancient castle, the archway marking the entrance to the village from the peak of a limestone staircase, the pastel-colored houses, doors and windows decorated in Taormina stone, the "Sicilian tiles" on the rooftops. You can't say you've visited Castelmola until you've tried their almond wine while sitting at the historical San Giorgio café, where it was invented.


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