Castelsardo (SS) Sardegna

Looming over the sea, the town of Castelsardo sits perched on a promontory, exposed to the winds and the tides. Over the centuries this little town has been a defensive stronghold and strategic point of control. Traces of its role as a lookout post and fortification can still be seen in the Medieval fortress located in the historic center, with its bastions, steep steps and narrow streets. Indeed, the Doria castle was built looking out to sea to protect the town and be ready in the event of an attack. Yet the sea also exerts a fascinating pull, and even today, daily life centers around the sea and the sea front, with all the main activities being concentrated on the coast and the vibrant port. Down by the water is also a favorite place to take an evening stroll while listening to the hypnotic sound of the waves and tasting the delicate perfume of the salt-laden sea air on your tongue.


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