Castiglione del Lago

Castiglione del Lago (PG) Umbria

Close to Lake Trasimeno, situated on a small hill like an ancient guardian keeping watch over the landscape, that is where we find Castiglione del Lago, a small town with Etruscan origins. However, it is not these ancient roots that draws the eye of visitors, because, in fact, it was the Middle Ages that left the most captivating and visible traces. Indeed, the historic center of the town was fortified during the Middle Ages, which also saw the construction of the castle, later destroyed and rebuilt until Frederick II, the Duke of Swabia, who ordered it to be demolished and rebuilt in the 13th century, transforming it into the fortress known as “Castello del Leone” – Castle of the Lion – from which the current name of the village takes its name, Castig-lione del Lago. Even today the Rocca del Leone, as it is also known, leaves people breathless. It is one of the most interesting examples of medieval architecture in the region thanks to its uneven pentagonal shape, towers and gates. And today, as in times past, you can walk the patrol path – not to scan the horizon looking for enemies – but to enjoy the lovely view that this position offers.


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