Castiglione di Sicilia

Castiglione di Sicilia (CT) Sicilia

Castiglione di Sicilia is perched atop a hill on the northern slope of Etna: little houses cling to the hillside, nestled in the beautiful countryside. When touring the town, start at the center on Piazza Lauria. From there, alleyways take to you the seventeenth-century Church of St. Anthony and, if you climb a steep alleyway, you'll reach St. Peter's Church. Marks of history can be found everywhere: A narrow staircase leads to the ruins of an ancient Byzantine fortress that the locals call Castiduzzu/Castelluccio. The real symbol of the town, however, is u Cannizzu, a sandstone tower that was likely part of a more intricate fortress. Come visit, and lose yourself in ancient stories.


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