Castro dei Volsci

Castro dei Volsci (FR) Lazio

Castro dei Volscri sits on a lowland overlooking the plain. Its landscape is varied and breathtakingly beautiful, featuring mountains, softer high ground, plains, forests, streams and valleys. Here life is rich and diverse, and you are bound to be taken aback by the many trees, flowers and magnificent and eye-catching butterflies that inhabit these parts. The layout and architecture of the town still bears traces of its Medieval past, with its narrow winding streets, stone houses, archways and entrances, ancient workshops and above all, the four gates through which the town is accessed, three of which grant access to the outermost section of the town whilst the other, Porta della Valle, grants access to the old town. Finally worth mentioning is the Monument to Mamma Ciociara, in memory of the French soldiers who died during the Second World War.


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