Castroreale (ME) Sicilia

A fascinating town with a rich history, Castroreale stuns you when you first arrive with a splendid panorama, but that's just the beginning. At the heart of the town is the seventeenth-century Mother Church, which hides a secret: As you enter, you'll see a meridian line crossing the ground. This line has been left untouched by wars and earthquakes, and despite having been created in 1854, it has never been finished. Across the town–with stunning ashlar-work doors from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries–you'll find the Church of St. Agatha, guarding a long statue of Christ, il Cristo Lungo, with which a procession is held on the 23rd and 25th of August and during Holy Week. After that, we reach Federico II d'Aragona Tower, the only surviving remnant of the ancient castle. To end with something sweet, we suggest the local biscuits u biscottu castricianu, also known as u biscuttu da badissa. They're made from a recipe kept secret for centuries.


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