Cattolica (RN) Emilia-Romagna

Cattolica, the Queen of the Adriatic Sea, a pit stop for wayfarers in ancient times walking the Via Flaminia and always renowned for its genuine and authentic hospitality, sits at the point where Romagna gives way to the hills of Le Marche, immersed in a delicate landscape. The town’s link to the sea is so old it has become intertwined with folklore: legend has it that opposite, buried deep in the abyss, lies an Adriatic Atlantis, later identified as the ancient settlement of Conca. A town with strong seafaring and fishing traditions and used to housing large naval vessels, Cattolica greets visitors with a smell of salt and the old tales of sailors. There are plenty of things on the must-see list: the Museum of Historical Seafaring, the section of the Royal Museum dedicated to the sea, which gives an insight into the shipyards and the equipment used for fishing and selling the catch; the Le Navi Aquarium, the largest on the Adriatic coast; and the evocative Feast of Stella Maris, when the fishermen and clam harvesters carry a statue of the Virgin Mary out into the sea, combining spirituality and traditions of a bygone age.


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