Celle Ligure

Celle Ligure (SV) Liguria

Celle Ligure is a small town encompassing both hills and seaside. Its historic center is a beautiful network of tight alleyways, which swallow you up and suddenly throw you out in one of the several elegant squares. The houses painted in green, pink and orange, the trompe l’oeil blinds and the long beaches are testament to the town’s maritime spirit. Indeed, the water has been a constant companion to the inhabitants, through the good times and the bad: life hasn’t always been easy here, as the two crenelated towers – Torre dei Bacci and Torre di Camilla – located in the medieval center and built to defend the town against the Saracens’ seaborn attacks, suggest. The sea is still at the heart of all activity in Celle Ligure – it is a draw for travelers, a treasure chest for fishermen and a place to meet, to have fun and to fall in love for everyone else. Celle Ligure combines beauty with history, whose heady influence is waiting to be discovered.


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