Certaldo (FI) Toscana

It’s not hard to find an icon for the hamlet of Certaldo. It was here that Giovanni Boccaccio was born, with the writer later using the following words to describe the town: “Certaldo is a castle in the local countryside. Though it might be small, it has been long been inhabited by noblemen and the well to do.” The hamlet still has a strong bond with the great writer, not least in the home in which he lived for the last years of his life and the Chiesa dei Santi Jacopo e Filippo in Certaldo Alta, which houses his remains. Yet the soul of Boccaccio is everywhere you look: every snapshot, hidden corner and house seems permeated by his spirit, as if a character in one of his works has just walked by. The castle, which Boccaccio mentioned, is the heart of the hamlet and the perfect place for lovers of art and history to visit. Finally, having soaked up the culture and history of the town, visitors and advised to visit the lower part of the hamlet, which is inextricably linked to the nearby Via Francigena, a place of spirituality and pilgrimage.


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