Cervia (RA) Emilia-Romagna

Cervia is a land of sea and salt. The Natural Reserve of the Salinas is a protected area that tells visitors all there is to know about the strong connection between man and the sea and its "white gold". Today it is protected by Slow Food. The park, with a surface of over 700 hectares, hosts a plant for the industrial production of salt and the ancient Salina Camillone, where salt is collected manually, according to the old traditions based on a method that is still called "the Cervia method". Visitors should not miss the Salt Warehouses, on the Salina canal, one of the most evocative examples of industrial archaeology in Italy. One of the warehouses is the seat of the MUSA, the Salt Museum, that hosts an important part of the history of this town. Cervia is all about the sea and its traditions, salt and ancient crafts passed down from one generation to the other. A history that connects the past with the present, the hands of man with the water of the sea.


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