Cervo (IM) Liguria

Cervo is a gem of a place situated on the hillside overlooking the sea, with stunning beaches and a historic center packed with ancient architecture. As you stroll through the town, pause in the Piazzetta dei Corallini on the seafront, then set about exploring the narrow alleyways with their endless arches and lose yourself in the gorgeous views of blue sea and green forest, which wraps around the town like a silent embrace. The heart of the town is the Chiesa dei Corallini, built between the 17th and 18th centuries with money earned by fishing companies who harvested coral in the seas around Corsica and Sardinia. Cervo is a place where the seaside merges with local culture, with an international festival of chamber music held every year over the course of July and August. The festival sees some of the foremost artists in Europe perform in open-air concerts, accompanied by the twinkling of the stars and the lapping of the waves.


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