Cherasco (CN) Piemonte

History, gastronomy and tradition feature strongly in the identity of Cherasco, an elegant, graceful Piedmont town. Traces of its medieval history are still visible in the form of Castello Visconteo, while in the heart of the town there are several churches worth visiting, all of which are home to jewels of local art. The town is known for its antiques, and full of historic shops, but it's best known for two products linked to its delicious cuisine. The first of these is "Baci," a specialty famous throughout Italy. These exquisite chocolates are made from dark chocolate and a local variety of hazelnut known as "Gentile delle Langhe." The second relates to the town’s status as the Italian center for snail breeding. The International Snail Breeding Institute, which promotes gastronomy focused on recipes using snails, has been headquartered here for 30 years.


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