Chianale, Pontechianale (CN) Piemonte

On the border with France, 1800 meters above sea level, among woods and reminders of the ancient Occitan culture of the region, lies Chianale, a hamlet of Pontechianale. This small village expresses its mountain spirit through its architecture and the materials with which it's constructed. Here we see houses built of slate with characteristic stone tiles, or with wood, stone and beams and, in spring and summer, charming balconies adorned with flowers. Arriving in the village and chatting to its inhabitants, you are immediately immersed in the fascinating Provençale culture, and transported back in time to when the troubadours were writing poetic verse and composing their light, dreamy music. Dividing the town in two is the Varaita River, spanned by a stone bridge which has become the symbol of the town. Crossing the bridge, you come to the little square on which stands the Church of Sant’Antonio. Chianale is a unique place, well worth a visit.


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