Chianalea di Scilla

Chianalea di Scilla, Scilla (RC) Calabria

This town still bears the imprint of the ancient Homeric myth of Scilla, the six-headed canine monster who menaced adventurers travelling to this part of the seas. Here, everything is ancient history, legend and story, and the words weave the enchanted beauty of the place. Chianalea di Scilla centers on a small medieval village, and is still tied to the sea in every detail: from the boats sheltering at "Scaro Alaggio" harbor, to the houses rising almost directly from the water, and the rocky reefs emerging from the waves. All these elements combine in a fascinating landscape, with the ancient, severe guardian of Castello dei Ruffo standing above, at the top of a cliff, itself rising straight from the sea: the defensive castle - sentinel of seas and legends.


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