Chiauci (IS) Molise

The village of Chiauci lies nestled among lush green forests of Turkey oak, fir, beech and pine trees that give the landscape a fascinating and almost mysterious appearance. Situated on the top of a hill that slopes gently downwards and then rises steeply towards high mountain summits, Chiauci’s altitude ranges from 618 meters to more than 1000 meters. The village is crossed by the ancient Castel di Sangro - Lucera tratturo (seasonal migration trail) and features water on its emblem. In fact, the area around Chiauci is the site of more than forty springs, a priceless asset for the area. At one time, Chiauci’s medieval center was fortified. Today, it is the imposing Palazzo Baronale (Baronial Palace), surrounded by walls that originally had three large gates, that bears witness to the village’s history.


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