Chioggia (VE) Veneto

The atmospheres, the enchanting streets, and the San Domenico and Lombardo canals make Chioggia a little Venice. When strolling through the center we can lose ourselves in the beauty of the colored houses, the many bridges, and the water that is everywhere, with many stories to tell. Chioggia has a seafaring heart. The clock tower was once a lighthouse and lookout tower, providing protection for sailors and inhabitants. Even today, the sea plays an important part thanks to the fish market held in the Peschiera from Tuesday to Sunday, restocked daily with fresh fish and filled with the chatter of fishermen, who weave words like webs. In the harbor you can still admire the “bragozzi”, typical brightly colored vessels that are a real must for any visitor. Lastly, there is the Fish Festival, which celebrates the flavors of the lagoon.


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