Chiusi (SI) Toscana

Situated just a few kilometers from the regions of Umbria and Lazio, Chiusi is a town with a long history behind it – as attested to by the architecture of the place. At the center of historic Chiusi is the 6th-century Cattedrale di San Secondiano, one of the oldest churches in Tuscany, which still to this day features the original early-Christian architecture despite many interventions over the years. The Museo della Cattedrale is also packed with gems from various eras, including a marvelous collection of Benedictine illustrated manuscripts. After visiting the Labirinto di Porsenna, which you access coming down from the museum, it’s worth climbing up the bell tower to enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. Nature, culture and history: Chiusi is a treasure trove of beauty.


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