Cison di Valmarino

Cison di Valmarino (TV) Veneto

The village of Cison di Valmarino stands on the enchanting Via del Prosecco and the amazing view is the first thing that you will notice upon arrival, with its gently rolling hills and vineyards. The settlements is overlooked by its historic guardian, Brandolini castle, while the village welcomes us with the elegant Piazza Roma, lined by all the most important buildings, including the church of Santa Maria Assunta, Palazzo Barbi, the Loggia theater, and the period radio museum. To find out more about local history and industry, don’t miss out on the “vie dell’acqua” trail, which reconstructs historic industry by following the Rujo valley to the old washhouses, channels and mills. The path runs through beautiful natural surroundings to the Penne Mozze woods, a fascinating place created to commemorate the fallen Alpine troops in the area.


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