Cisternino (BR) Puglia

Cisternino is a small town in the Itria Valley, in the area Murgia dei Trulli, rich in history, nature and traditions. The centre, with its typical white houses, hosts many historic dwellings, such as the Governor’s House, in Apulian Baroque style; Palazzo Amati, Palazzo Ricci-Capece, with the Tower of the Wind, one of the three towers of the town, the other two being Torre Amati and Torre di Porta Grande, which used to be the main gate to the village and has a small statue of St. Nicholas. In this region traditions are very strong and embedded in the life of the local people. One particularly evocative tradition is that of Easter Monday, when the inhabitants of Cisternino go to the Shrine of Our Lady of Ibernia, an ancient archaeological site, and bring the “u chrruchl”, a typical local cake meant to be propitiatory for new births.


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