Citerna (PG) Umbria

The spectacle that is Citerna begins before you even arrive. The roads that lead to the hill on which it stands rise and fall as they wind through the little, green villages in a veritable melody of shape and color that interweave until you get to the town. Here the small medieval town welcomes you with its Rocca, a Lombard fortress that protected the inhabitants in centuries past and which today offers a delightful view from its terrace and allows you to see as far as Mount La Verna and Mount Fumaiolo, which is the source of the Tiber. Continuing the exploration of the beautiful things this village with ancient history has to offer, we will stop to visit the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, which houses the panel bearing the fine Crucifixion by Pomarancio, the 15th century Palazzo Vitelli that will leave you spellbound by its exquisite furnishings and the Church of San Francesco that holds important works of art on the interior. Then we will return to look out towards the horizon and walk along the medieval walkway that runs along the walls, scanning the surrounding areas to search for new stories that tell of knights and battles.


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