Città della Pieve

Città della Pieve (PG) Umbria

If villages are often melting pots of cultures and history, Città della Pieve has always been the place where the most diverse kinds of art intertwine. This wonderful fusion is clear to see walking around the old town center, where the medieval urban layout has, over time, added architectural elements featuring renaissance, baroque, rococo and neoclassical styles, that makes for a harmonious and outstandingly beautiful walking route. However, the art of the village is not limited just to this and, for those looking for elegance and beauty, must-see stops will most certainly include the Cathedral of Saints Gervasio and Protasio, which houses the work of two great painters from Città della Pieve, Perugino and Pomarancio, and the Oratory of Saint Maria dei Bianchi, where the extraordinary "Adoration of the Magi" by Perugino can be found. And let's not forget about the Torre Civica, the Rocca, Palazzo della Corgna, Palazzo Bandini and Palazzo Baglioni, which all embody art and culture. By looking up and letting your gaze wander towards the horizon, you will be enchanted by the charm of a landscape in which forests, cultivated fields and small villages intertwine harmoniously, in the way that only a lovely and ancient place like this can.


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