Civitella del Tronto

Civitella del Tronto (TE) Abruzzo

In northern Abruzzo, close to the Marche region, is Civitella del Tronto, known as a border town and once a lookout spot for the Kingdom of Naples, lying as it did between the Kingdom of Naples and the Papal States. Perched on a hill with a view that stretches from Gran Sasso to the Adriatic Sea, it bears clear signs of its strategic military position. The fortress, which dominates the region, was built in stages beginning in the sixteenth century. After Italy's unification it was dismantled and slowly fell to ruin, never to be restored. The town below is home to a number of medieval and renaissance buildings that face each other across the narrow streets that run through the town. Everything here reminds us of centuries gone by, making Civitella a fascinating journey through time. Following the earthquake of 2016, for real-time information on visiting the town and its sights, please contact the tourist office:Ufficio Informazioni ed Accoglienza Turistica – IAT Teramo – Tel: +39 (0) 861/244222. Email: presidio.teramo@abruzzoturismo.it annamaria.manzo@regione.abruzzo.it


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