Civitella Roveto

Civitella Roveto (AQ) Abruzzo

Civitella Roveto is a medieval town encircled, like a well-guarded treasure, by a massive system of fortified walls, still well preserved today. They speak of centuries gone by, of conquests and countless hard-fought battles. Today, the town is divided into two parts: the modern part, built after the earthquake of 1915, sits on the right bank of the river, while the older part lies on the opposite bank on an isolated spur as the final defense against attacking hoards. The history of the town is told through its elegant palaces, the beautiful doorways of the houses, hand-carved by masons working the local stone, and through the coats of arms and religious symbols that can be seen on the lintels. Take a walk through the heart of the town and you will see characteristic votive niches carved into the external walls of the houses, where holy images are tended. Civitella tells its story well, and is waiting to be discovered.


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