Collepardo (FR) Lazio

Nestled in the enchantingly beautiful Ernici Mountains is the town of Collepardo, where the old town still bears traces of centuries part, in its maze of streets and little squares. Outside the town, the beauty of the Ciociaran hills pulls your gaze and guides you down a path in search of the Collepardo Caves, also known as the “Caves of Children” due to the distinct shapes taken on by the stalactites and stalagmites over the course of time, finally coming to Antullo’s Well, a huge chasm that makes this area unique. Also worth seeing is the Trisulti Charterhouse, a monastery initially built in 1204 and extended right up to the 18th century. Named a national monument in 1873, it is famous for its liqueur production, the pharmacy with its original decor from the 17th century, and its magnificent Italian-style gardens.


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