Colletta, Castelbianco (SV) Liguria

The soul of Castelbianco is split between the sea and the mountains: two ageless, all-powerful elements. You can smell the mountain air as soon as you arrive, yet the sea still feels close by, as if it has accompanied you on your journey, holding your hand the whole way. Castelbianco itself is wildly elegant. Having been rebuilt following an earthquake, the village features beautiful stone houses with characteristic white-rimmed windows, while distinctive cobblestone streets snake in between. Surrounded by olive groves, the village is overlooked by the ruins of the old Clavesana castle, which gave the village its name. Visitors can still admire the ancient stone humpback bridges, dating back to medieval times. Nature wraps around the village like a glove, the landscape resplendent with green, the silence paired with stunning beauty. Castelbianco is the perfect place to feast your eyes and nourish your soul.


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