Collinas (SU) Sardegna

The little village of Collinas is nestled in the Marmilla countryside, amidst cereal fields, vineyards and holm oak woods. Outside the village center, evidence of ancient settlers, drawn to the area on account of its rich and fertile soil and the beauty of the landscape, can be seen in the stunning Nuragic architecture. Still visible are the ruins of the Concali nuraghe, situated on the hill of the same name, the Genn’e Maria nuraghe and the Sedda sa Caudeba giants’ tomb. Take a walk outside the historic center to discover more of this stunning area and drop in to see the charming and atmospheric church of Santa Maria Angiargia situated close to the holy well Su Angiu and the Roman thermal baths. But Collinas is mostly famous as the Town of Nativity scenes: every year the locals create beautiful and intricate nativity scenes, making the Christmas atmosphere even more magical.


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