Collodi, Pescia (PT) Toscana

A village of history, fantasy and literature. Collodi, a small district in the municipality of Pescia, is synonymous with Pinocchio, whose author – Carlo Collodi – adopted the name of the village. Set atop the hillside, the village overlooks Collodi’s villa, with its stunning gardens and Parco di Pinocchio. Everything here is a nod to Carlo Lorenzini, who changed his name to Carlo Collodi to pay tribute to the village where his mother was born and he spent his childhood. The focal point is the park dedicated to Pinocchio: opened in 1956, it features sculptures, mosaics and architecture by some of the best Italian artist. Just outside the park, visitors can admire the tallest wooden Pinocchio in the world, a masterpiece of art and craftsmanship which will leave you open-mouthed. Collodi is a magical place where you’ll feel like a child again and let yourself be swept up in fantasy.


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