Conca dei Marini

Conca dei Marini (SA) Campania

Conca dei Marini is seaside village packed with legends. The light reflects off the waves and the white houses here, dazzling your eyes, which seek shelter in the shade, before finally opening again and losing themselves in the view that can be enjoyed from the settlement. Seafaring tales reach our ears as we stroll through the village, but above all we hear the legend of the janare. It is said that these women, who excelled in rituals, herbs and magic, could be found in the olive grove of the church of San Pancrazio in centuries past. They may have been witches, or perhaps wives who deceived their distant lovers. The pretty little center is divided into two parts: a lower part, at sea level, which is reflected in the bay, and an upper part, with whitewashed houses, vegetable gardens, olive groves, and trees laden with highly scented lemons. Everything is a real feast for the eyes here: simple, genuine, and to be experienced.


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