Copertino (LE) Puglia

Copertino is a village rich in history and tastes, which preserves its past and look at the future. Here is where the famous Copertino red wine is produced, as well as an excellent olive oil. The village is a labyrinth of narrow streets that lead to the heart of its centre, the Castle. This imposing building, where the future Queen of Naples Isabella of Clermont, was born in 1400, is one of the most important defensive buildings of the Salento region. The Castle however has not remained anchored to its past, it is now a participant in the Project "Cassio – Ten Museums to Discover the Italian Heritage”. Thanks to this project, and in cooperation with the Italian Blind Union, the State Institute fir the Deaf and the National Federation of Institutions for the Blind, visitors can discover works of art using only their touch, there are also videos with subtitles and facilitated publications, all making this important heritage more accessible.


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